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About Us

MonsterMedia is an interactive and digital solutions company run by Jody Simpson. When not teaching at Vega School of Design, Brand and Business - Jody develops, designs and builds websites and digital solutions for a variety of clients around the globe.

Shopify Stores

Over the past few years I've worked on several Shopify stores and am extremely comfortable with developing on the platform. If you're interested in setting up on online store quickly and simply - I can most certainly help get your site up and running quickly. Haven't heard of Shopify - read up about them - it's a really great solution for online stores!

Design Services

Originally trained as an architect - I believe I see things a little differently to most other digital designers out there. Design is what drives the world. Design thinking makes the world a better place. If I could only do one thing - let me design. It makes me happy. Unless you make me use ugly fonts - then not so happy. Let's chat over coffee and see if I can help.

Web Hosting

When I began in the web industry I saw so many companies and individuals who were being taken advantage of when it came to hosting websites and registering domains. To that end - I have bought shared hosting packages and now offer very fairly priced hosting services for most web requirements (html, php, wordpress, joomla, magento etc.)


Recently we started to share the space we live in with others. We have a room in our home up for rent on AirBnb. It's not something I thought I would enjoy. But I have to admit there's something interesting about meeting new people all the time. Our space is here.


I do a lot of work for clients sending out their mass emails (not spam - the legit stuff where people have asked for info). I have used Mailchimp extensively, but also Everlytic and many other mail systems. Speak to me about options, expectations and managing your lists.

Unique Creations

All designers like to make things. I love making. I make lights, and furniture. I draw. I paint. Sometimes I work with glass, and sometimes with metal and paper and plastic. Some of the stuff I make I try and sell. Most of it is available on Hello Pretty.

Things you really should consider

What do you want to achive?

Before you enlist the services of a designer for web, print or digital, do you know what you actually want to achieve? What will success look like? Are you wanting to sell online? Or do you just want social media because you think you should have it?

Design takes time

It takes time to design something. Often the solutions which appear the simplest have taken the most time to achieve. Don't expect designers to work for nothing. Don't ask for favours. Don't promise to pay later. Just pay your designer.

Sometimes it doesn't work out

In an ideal world I'd promise I can be the solution you need to solve your design problems. I might be. But I might not. I've realised after 20 years - there are some people I just can't work with.

Sometimes I'm going to say no

I have on several occasions turned down work - potentially profitable work because I didn't believe in the service; or didn't believe what my client was doing was ethical.

App Screenshots

Our Hosting Options

We have two different server environments - ones just just simpler and easier - suitable for html websites, asp and sites that you probably need a little bit of a developer to update. And the other we use for Wordpress, Joomla, Magento and the like websites.

* Domain Registration is included in the student package for a .co.za domain only. For a .com the annual price is R600. Payments must be received before domain registration takes place. Offer is valid to any Vega student. Others are welcome to apply.

Student Plan



  • Domain Hosting
  • Domain Registration*
  • Unlimited FTP
  • Unlimited Assistance
  • Wordpress Installation
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Pro Plan


Per Month

  • 5GB Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Assistence
  • Wordpress Installation
  • 5 Email Accounts
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Sell online today through Shopify!

Shopify is a completely customisable solution for getting your store online. It works in multiple currencies (including South African Rands) and there are multiple payment options available. Although simple enough to do most basics yourself - it's recommended you get help setting up the store initially - and then take it from there. Find out more about Shopify.